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Our special effects studio offers a very unique, all-in-house service. We create a powerful, visual relationship between the viewer and your product.

what we do

Our Work

Chocolate & Biscuits

Producing stunning shots of chocolate products is one of our favourite challenges. Over the years, we have developed many of our own closely-guarded trade secrets for creating perfect chocolate, both liquid and hard. Liquid chocolate must have just the right transparency, colour and viscosity, while choosing the correct materials and modelling absolutely superb photo-realistic hard chocolate models is a very specialized art.

Dairy & Icecream

Yoghurt, milk products and icecream require brilliant food-styling and very careful planning. We make visuals of yoghurt and icecream that are so fresh, organic and naturally delicious that the viewer can’t resist buying the product and trying it for themselves.


At Shotbox we love shooting food commercials. We work on both small and large productions, creating beautiful shots of any food. Our highest goal is to show food so naturally and deliciously that no one can resist the feeling of appetite appeal. We work in a team with the best food stylists in the field.


Our beauty shots help your product to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Our job is to visualise your beauty product in a way that is delicate and yet still has impact. We bring your beauty shots to life.

Liquids & Beer

Shooting liquids at a highspeed camera rate allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the liquid in slow-motion. We spend a lot of time achieving just the right degrees of transparency, colourisation and viscosity for your liquid. We then pour, twist and manipulate the liquid and combine it with the right camera movement in order to create a final shot that has both drama and beauty.

Other Products

The first thing we do is take the time to understand what makes your product special. We do this not only by interacting and talking with you, but also by interacting with your product. We test the product, take the product apart and make a detailed examination of it in our workshop. We then present each aspect of its beauty and intelligence in a very memorable and stylish way.

how we do it

Our Advantages


Shotbox has one of the best-equipped modelmaking studios in the world. We combine our extensive knowledge of materials and techniques with the talents of our highly skilled and trained artisans to create superb, photo-realistic models.

Studio & Workshop

Our studio is situated in the same complex as our offices, workshop and modelmaking studio. This all-in-house approach gives our clients not only an economic advantage but also the security that we oversee, and maintain control of the entire production process. Our workshop is extremely advanced and we are constantly upgrading and developing rigging and techniques in our never-ending quest to find new ways of achieving unique shots.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Phantom highspeed cameras including the new generation Phantom Flex 4K GS, a range of motion control rigs – including our Bolt highspeed robotic arm, specialized flicker-free lights. We have it all.


Shotbox has its own Flame suite which we use through all stages of production. During preproduction, we carefully test each shot in our workshop before creating an animatic edit of the tests in Flame. This test animatic is an invaluable tool and acts as a “dress rehearsal” for the actual shooting. We can also provide our clients with a full postproduction service.

who we are

Our Team

Petr Hrdlicka

Director / DOP, founder

Peter has been the driving force behind the initial creation and continued development of Shotbox. An innovator and problem-solver, Peter has over 15 years experience in postproduction and has spent more than 15 years establishing Shotbox as one of the top special effects studios in the world. He is one of the few directors who is able to perfectly match both the technical and creative demands of modern product advertising.

Honza Triska


Honza is a very experienced commercials producer whose talents are not limited to the production role. He is never happier than when he is on set and is an expert at guiding projects successfully through production and postproduction to broadcast. Honza enjoyed his years on the Netflix production team of various projects before starting this new adventure at Shotbox.

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