Modula Motion Control

Full motion control rig from Mark Roberts

The Modula is a compact, lightweight, portable, live-action full motion control rig. Modula provides axes for track - rotate - lift - pan - tilt - zoom - focus. The popular Ulti-Head or the SFH-50 Head can be mounted on the Modula in 4 different configurations, allowing maximum flexibility for the minimum and maximum camera heights above floor level.

Very compact - great for location work

The Modula's ability to pass through a standard doorway and function in a limited space makes it the ideal choice for shooting in smaller studios or on location! Exceptionally fast to set up. Although compact in size - the Modula is capable of a spectacular and diverse range of movements.

High precision and repeatibility

Controlled by Academy Award winning Flair software. Packed with features that facilitate ease of use and flexibility. Remote hand wheels allow the operator to record a manually operated camera movement that can then be repeated by the Modula.

4 head configurations


Rental kit includes claudia playing.

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