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Ultra highspeed moves

Camerobot has the ability to get up to speed instantly - moving from standstill to high speed motion (and back again) in only fractions of a second. The robotic arm allows the camera to literally follow falling objects and capture images that would be impossible to record using any other method.

Precision and repeatability

The Camerobot is the perfect rig to use in combination with a Phantom high speed camera. The ultra-fast repeatable moves open up new possibilities in creating incredible slow-motion shots. Any move can be repeated at any speed. Even time-lapse shots can be achieved with Camerobot movement!

Synchronises with other rigs

Camerobot interfaces to any external triggers, model-movers, turntables and other rigs for perfect timing - every take! This is essential when shooting complex special effects shots that require reliable repeatability!


Rental kit includes

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