Phantom Flex 4K GS

Global Shutter 4K@1000fps

The latest generation Phantom Flex 4K GS features a global shutter option. Camera speeds up to 1000 fps in 4K resolution!

Wireless + Battery Kit

Our Phantom cameras are completely wireless. No cables required for camera control and video preview! This helps when working with Steadicam or long arm grip equipment.

128GB Memory 2x2TB Cinemags

128 GB of internal memory allows the Phantom 4K GS to record up to 10 seconds in 4K resolution at 1000 fps! That is 6 minutes real time playback at 25 fps.
2 x 2TB Cinemag memory cartridges combined with our data transfer server means an unlimited number of shots can be achieved during the shoot day.


Rental kit includes

Rental price claudia playing.

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