Live HD video assist streamed from the set to your computer or mobile phone.

The very successful remote workflow option that the Shotbox Team has been using for the last five years:

  • from their home, or office, in any location in the world, agency and client independently access a private youtube live stream of the HD camera video assist from the shooting studio in Prague 
  • all discussions with the director regarding the shots are conducted live via whatsapp or skype conference communication
  • digital delivery by Shotbox of shooting rushes or offline and online edits
  • no special equipment needed
  • the only requirement is an internet connection.

Shotbox Remote Shoot Workflow


Hennessy: The Seven Worlds

Ridley Scott has created a new and absolutely stunning film for Hennessy and we were very happy to be asked by Lida and Stilling to take part in the shooting. From the very first meeting with Marc Holmes, Ridley’s production designer, it was clear that we were at the beginning of a huge adventure. We made a myriad of tests for the rock removal and liquid reveal for the geologists in the Sweet Notes world and spent many days perfecting the modelmaking for the chocolate gold in the Chocolate Lull world. Our technicians and modelmakers spent a few days in “film heaven” being on set with Ridley Scott in Prague.


Mikon van Gastel

It was the biggest pleasure to work again with Mikon van Gastel and the rest of the Sibling Rivalry team from New York. We made two beautiful ads for Calphalon appliances and kitchenware. Marc Le Breton, our patissier, spent two days in a frenzy of croissant baking and our Camerobot motion control robotic arm was used to achieve perfectly synchronized time-lapse baking sequences. Our art department rose to the challenge of perfectly recreating a working vintage kitchen set from the 1960s, complete with vintage-styled kitchen staff.



Petr Hrdlicka

Check out our latest collaboration with Beans advertising agency for the new Sencor espresso maker. In the last year we have made a series of different commercials for Sencor products. These productions always start with a brainstorming session involving Peter, Beans and the Sencor team, where we receive a lot of information regarding what makes the new product so special. During preproduction, we take the product to our workshop and our SFX team disassemble the product, reassemble the product and basically make a detailed examination of it. It is then up to Peter to find the perfect shots to visualize each aspect of the product’s beauty and intelligence.



Petr Hrdlicka

Icecream, icecream and more icecream. Omore is one of the fastest growing icecream brands in Asia. We were asked to create a series of tabletop SFX sequences for a range of their new products. There was a lot of modelmaking involved which kept our team very busy. Successful icecream shoots require a huge amount of planning and brilliant icecream-styling to create the most tempting visuals.



Steve Downer

Steve is a master at creating amazing images so we jumped at the chance to work with him and Hercules on the new L’Or project. This commercial is supporting the product launch of L’Or Roast & Ground worldwide. Our challenge was to create an intimate and fascinating range of actions for the L’Or ground coffee within the confines of the pack.

Th_Making_Of_LOR claudia playing.

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